fishteg_header_base_extraThe project is primarily focused on understanding of spatiotemporal changes of fish distribution in the Rimov Reservoir. The Rimov Reservoir has a canyon-shaped morphology which is typical for many reservoirs in Central Europe region and it is good model for fish behavior under heterogeneous environmental conditions. Limnological research was established immediately after reservoir filling and previous studies showed general patterns of fish distribution in the reservoir. The aims of the project were i) to make link between observed general patterns of fish distribution in the reservoir and their individual behavior; ii) relate fish individual behavior with specific conditions of canyon shaped reservoir; iii) compare behavior of the same species between conditions of canyon-shaped reservoir and those observed during MacFish project in conditions of oligotrophic lakes.

In total, we tagged 112 individuals of six species – pike, European catfish, pikeperch, roach, bream and perch and observed them from 3 to 11 moths (dependent on species). Beside that temperature and light intensity of water column was sampled at four sites in 5 minutes interval. During sampling period, we gathered around 22 million of fish positions.