Milan Říha, PhD
My research interest is in fish ecology and behavior in lakes and reservoirs. I am now mostly focusing on application.




Ivan Jaric, PhD

My research interests span different topics, but mainly the field of fish ecology and fisheries management, species extinctions and extinction risk assessments, biological invasions, and the development of novel model-based risk assessment approaches.


Marie PrchalováMaja, PhD
My research is focused on an improved understanging of  some basic processes that run within the ecosystem of lentic waters. So far, I have used various study objects in my studies, such as fish, abundant vertebrates and key elements. Describing patterns of utilization of space and time by fish could provide valuable insight into their ecology and life history.



Marek Šmejkal, PhD
Junior Researcher




Allan.jpegAllan Souza, PhD
Junior Researcher

My research interests are broad, but mostly focused on population and community dynamics, functional ecology, invasive species, behavioral ecology, ecological modelling and climate change.


Vilem Děd, MSc
Data manager and analyst 
I am a magician showing programming and data processing tricks and gimmicks, while constantly learning new ones with passion and excitement.



Karlos Ribeiro de Moraes, MSc
PhD student



IMG_3852Jaroslav Lubas, Bc
Bc Student and data manage
I am bachelor student of econometrics at the Faculty of Statistics and Informatics, University of Economics, Prague.
Im studying econometrics and my interest is data analyses. In my bachelor thesis I focused on modeling of fish vertical movement using linear mixed effects models.
Meanwhile I am also database keeper for fish related projects.