Marie Prchalova

Born in May 1979, grew up in a town on the Elbe River, strong inclination to nature from early childhood, active fishing with various techniques from bare hands through flyfishing with self-made flies to mostly gillnets nowadays. After secondary agricultural school, BSc, MSc and PhD degrees at Biology Faculty of University of South Bohemia and Institute of Hydrobiology, Biology Centre of Czech Academy of Sciences (České Budějovice, Czech Republic). BSc thesis on hydroacoustic observation of behavior of bream during spawning in a Czech reservoir. MSc thesis on hydroacoustic observation of behavior of fish and invertebrates in a tropical reservoir. PhD defended in 2008 on gradients of fish distribution in reservoirs (three distribution papers based on gillnet catches + two methodology gillnet papers). All academic degrees supervised by Prof. Jan Kubečka PhD. 2000–2003, participation in the international project Fishstrat on hydroacoustic research of tropical reservoirs. 2002–2004, part-time job at the Water Research Institute of T.G. Masaryk in Prague on evaluation of fish passage through the Střekov fishpass on the Elbe River under the supervision of MSc Ondřej Slavík PhD. 2005, project on selectivity of gillnets in monitoring fish communities from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. 2009–2011, project with Mississippi State University on freshwater sport fish management and enhancement in Puerto Rican reservoirs financed by Puerto Rico department of Natural and Environmental Resources. 2012–2014, project on sex segregation of freshwater fish in reservoirs from Grant Agency of the Czech Republic. Otto Wichterle Award of Czech Academy of Sciences in 2014. Since 1998, a student assistant worker and lately a junior researcher at FishEcU, Institute of Hydrobiology, Biology Centre of Czech Academy of Sciences.

One husband, two kids, three cats, currently on maternity leave, countryside house.